The New European Bauhaus Festival: A Personal Journey

As the founder and president of Station Europe and the initiator of Reality Lab, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to share our initiatives, educational products, and vision with the world. This is why I was thrilled to be a part of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) festival, held in Brussels between June 9-12, 2022.

The NEB festival encompassed three pillars: Fest, Fair, and Forum. The Fest was held at Mont des Arts and offered participants the opportunity to attend cultural and creative workshops or to conduct their own workshops with visitors.

The Fair Mobile: Reality Lab

The Fair Mobile, where Reality Lab was selected to participate, was hosted in three different locations across Brussels. The mobile bikes showcasing our project’s description and visuals were a unique way to spread the word about our projects and interact with people working on similar ideas, exchange ideas, and start new collaborations. 

The Fair Mobile allowed us to showcase our Reality Lab and the Tree of Ideas to the world, and I was proud to take a valid part in this connection. The EU could not have envisioned a better way to bring the Green Deal and nature closer to our lives.

Reality Lab is a centre for inclusive
digital innovation and creativity.

Launched at the New European Bauhaus Festival, Reality Lab is committed to creating a portfolio of ready-to-scale solutions stimulating creativity and emphasising the benefits of digital platforms. It encourages people from all backgrounds to connect with nature, respect diversity, and acquire new digital, resilience and green skills to make a meaningful impact on the world around them.

I was impressed by the diversity of initiators and creators from all over Europe who came together to share their ideas, products, and projects at the NEB Festival. I was proud to be part of this connection and to have the opportunity to spread our message and share our work with others who are passionate about creating a more sustainable future.