Visit to the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels

This week, between the 20th – 22nd of November, I was invited to participate in a visit to the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels 📍 regarding my continuous collaboration with the Representative Office of the European Commission in Romania. In June 2022, I contributed to the special supplement of the Romanian magazine ”Revista 22”, 📰 which addressed the subject of the Romania – European Union relationship through the eyes of the youth:

During the visit, I had the opportunity to meet
some important representatives at the European level in the field of youth development. 🙋🏼

I had dialogue exchanges with: 

🔹Ms. Dana Manescu, Head of the Unit ”Social Media & Visual Communication” of the Directorate-General of Communication

🔹Ms. Natacha Sander, Head of Sector – Youth programs, and Ms. Oana Licu, Programme Assistant, Erasmus+; Youth and European Solidarity Corps, of the Directorate-General for “Education, Youth, Sport, and Culture

🔹Ms. Dana Spinant, European Commission Deputy Chief Spokesperson

🔹Ms. Cristina Mărășescu, Multilateral Delegations & Global Issues at the Diplomatic Service of the European Union (EEAS)

➡️ As a representative of Station Europe, I was interested in learning more about the evolution of the youth field and how digital technologies are impacting this area. 📱 This event brought together initiators, journalists, and content creators, allowing us to get in touch with other ideas and projects.

As Station Europe continues to strive for positive change and impact, events like this one play a crucial role in shaping our vision and mission. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and network to create meaningful partnerships and bring young generations closer to digital and technology.

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