I grew up in rural Romania where public schools and libraries were understaffed and underfunded, leaving many children with limited access to quality education and opportunities for the future. Through my own journey of self-discovery and education, I came to realize the transformative power of knowledge and access to resources. I'm now creating interactive projects and educational products that empower children and young people to work towards their growth and the social good of their communities.



My actions are focused on fighting the unbalanced use of the internet, the alarming presence of misinformation online, the disconnection from nature, and the presence of discrimination and radicalisation, which affect the our societies. It is why I pursue to see the young generations using digital tools to create the future they want to experience, a future characterized by social good.



My mission is to help youth who need contexts of development and interaction to feel more confident in their future. I believe we can create a more fair and just society by harnessing the power of technology.



From 2015 until now, I made a few crucial steps, starting with dedicating to my mission full-time. I worked in initiatives with more than 30,000 rural children and young people. I organized workshops and projects for them on media and digital literacy, creativity, innovation, and civic education. I am grateful that by now, my initiatives have spread to 12 countries across Europe and impacted the lives of thousands. I was able to spread my work thanks to a network of committed and supportive partners with which I share the same beliefs and vision.

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Investing in children and young people's understanding of the problems faced by today's society is the key to making them active in their community and encouraging them to become lifelong civic participants.

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